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Avyaya Pty Ltd Trading As Suncliff Solar Technologies is purely an Australian-owned, based and managed company. Avyaya Pty Ltd also used to deal with the Engineering and Manufacturing Project Management. Avyaya Pty Ltd is also providing the different high quality solar products to many retailers and electricians from their different warehouses in Australia. Australia is based on rapidly emerging industry in the sector of solar energy & energy conservation. The initiative behind the setup of a company is to focus on Solar Projects, to move towards forward integration and to enter into the rapidly growing business vertical of on-grid and off-grid Solar Power Solutions. The company will always focus on using the high quality Solar PV Panels and advance Inverters. The company has strategic tie-ups with number of highly competitive System Integrators to sales small, medium and large Solar Power Packs in Australia. Suncliff Solar Technologies is capable for consulting, planning, designing, commissioning & developing the projects regarding to solar energy & LED luminaries.

As one of the most competitive solar (Engineering, Technologies and Management) firm in Australia, we will ensure seling solar system for your residential and commercial needs with simple, straight forward and affordable way. We will focus on the following points

  • We aim in future in coming next few years from 2017 for Designing and installing the largest, integrated, and most complex residential and commercial photovoltaic systems.
  • Planning to connect solar PV systems to all the  states and territories of Australia
  • A management team that has higher amount of experience in Australia
  • Every system that we selling  is engineered to fit your building, your budget and your goals.


Suncliff Solar Technologies will focus on fast growing industry in the field of solar energy and energy conservation. The important initiatives to form a company to focus on various kinds of solar projects are important moves towards forward large scale of integration of the company and enter into the fast growing business factor of grid connected and completely off grid connections where the supply of an electricity is very difficult, for the possible best solutions for the solar systems.


We are dedicated to listening to our customers, understanding their desires and helping them accomplish their goal of energy independence.


Suncliff Solar Technologies provides high quality support for Customers. Suncliff Solar Technologies have since the beginning based on knowledge and experience high qualified Staff who uses materials of highest quality. We would like to create awareness that the Sun energy is the Best way of electricity economical and ecological.

Company Values

Empowerment: We empower our people, associates and others.

Entrepreneurship: We encourage people to take on new ideas, new challenges and new opportunities to make this world a better place to live and we promote strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit at all levels.

Respect: We respect everyone we deal with.

Trust: We are committed to do a business of trust.

Responsibility: We do responsible business: economically, ethically, environmentally and socially.

Customer Service: We are dedicated to listening to our customers, understanding their desires and helping them accomplish their goal of energy independence.

Customer Loyalty: Our dedication to our customers is apparent as we lead the way in repeat business, recommendations, and testimonials.

Awareness: We are committed for bringing awareness across the country for maximum utilization of solar energy in routine services.